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Choosing A Home Renovation Company

There are many things to consider when choosing a good home renovation company.  I know that for me, I went through a lot of different ideas before I finally chose one! Jordan October 30Jennifer Villani and her husband, Nick, searched… Continue Reading →

Coffee Machines In Space!

Even though you are in space doing some scientific research, it doesn’t mean that you should leave your coffee maker behind! The machine, called the ISSpresso, was created by a couple of Italian companies after another Italian astronaut returned from… Continue Reading →

Would You Benefit From a Reverse Mortgage?

Let us review the characteristics of a Standard Mortgage before describing a reverse mortgage: With mortgage or a standard loan, your income flow is utilized to ‘qualify’ for loan or the mortgage. The lending institution may wish to note that… Continue Reading →

10 Dishwasher Faux-Pas

Do you do any of these dishwasher faux-pas? Dishwashers can be a really handy and convenient appliance to have in your home, provided you are using it in the right way and are making the most of what it has… Continue Reading →

Dorm Room Ramen In A Coffee Maker?

School is coming back soon and that means that dorms are going to be full once again.  Dorm dwellers need some helpful home tips as well and this one is kind of cool for those times when you need a… Continue Reading →

Awesome Tool Tips!

This is a great article on tool selection and other tips for tools like drills, rachets and hammers. Good tools aint cheap, but from a simple fix to a huge fabrication job, the feeling of completing garage project yourself is… Continue Reading →

Man Buys House With Locked Barn – Look What He Found!

Why can’t I find a good deal on a house and barn like this.  Take a look at what this guy came across when he opened his new barn door! A man who purchased an abandoned farmhouse which came with… Continue Reading →

Reduce Your Remodeling Budget

Some excellent tips on doing things to help reduce your renovation costs.  It is just amazing what smaller things like painting can do. When my husband and I first met we were both new to our careers, and money was… Continue Reading →

Choosing Slipcovers For Your Furniture

Exotic Slipcovers If you would like to change the subject or style of your living room up, you do not have to purchase all new sofas and chairs to fit the appearance of the room. Slipcovers make an excellent way… Continue Reading →

Your Home As An Investment

Move Out Move On – Net Worth Realty We are all contemplating it and some of us are really taking action and getting their hands on property investment properties. The longer the NY Stock Exchanges does not create desirable returns… Continue Reading →

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